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Education for all Children

Education For All Children provides an education-to-employment program for bright. Every child has the right to access safe, quality education. However, 124 million children across the world are out of school and 250 million are not learning basic skills as a result of poor quality education.

Girls, children with disabilities, those from minority groups and children living in poor and remote areas are most often denied access to education. This has far-reaching consequences on their futures and those of their families, communities and countries.

Keeping Children in school

Education is a fundamental right, yet in times of conflict and disaster it is often significantly disrupted, denying millions of girls and boys the opportunity to have a quality, safe education. Schools are, in many instances, occupied by armed groups or used as evacuation shelters, making education impossible. Education is an urgent priority in emergencies because it:

  • saves lives and provides a safe space for children, where they are protected from physical harm, early marriages, prostitution, child labour and being recruited as child soldiers
  • is a key vehicle through which children can learn about preventable diseases, nutrition, hygiene and other life-saving topics
  • provides space to teach new skills and values, such as peace, tolerance, conflict resolution, democracy, human rights, environmental conservation and disaster risk reduction
  • brings routine, stability, structure and hope to children‘s lives, and improves psychosocial wellbeing
  • continues children‘s learning, to ensure bright futures for them, their families, communities and countries.
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